About The Group


 Zarawani Group (Al Ain Ceramics’ head company) has been in business for over 30 years, providing Al Ain Ceramic with a huge network and support system.

Customer Satisfaction

  • We have customer service department dedicated to specific areas assuring customers receive the best costumer experience.
  • Our sales team assures that all of the customer’s needs are met throughout the entire process of the builds.

Large factory

  • We are able to make the necessary adjustments to products.
  • We can provide a finished product specified to our client’s special needs.
  • Ability to meet large orders and the high demand of our customers in a timely fashion.

Customer Personalization

  • We have the latest water-cutting machines and designing software allowing us to make our client’s dream designs a reality on any material they wish.
  • Our design team can personalize all of our products to client’s specifications.

Diversity in the field of construction and decorations

  • We have several entities that support the construction, design and decoration field which assist with the facilitation of collaboration and providing the best package deals.
  • Our resources are limitless.

International Suppliers and Vendors

  • We supply over twenty countries, and effectively meet the needs of a diversified consumer base.
  • We are able to supply clients at all global locations.
  • Our products are able to meet national and international standards.
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